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6201 MSD Ignition Box New for Chevy Suburban Chevrolet C1500 Truck Camaro Blazer

6201 MSD Ignition Box New for Chevy Suburban Chevrolet C1500 Truck Camaro Blazer

6201 MSD Ignition Box New for Chevy Suburban Chevrolet C1500 Truck Camaro Blazer    6201 MSD Ignition Box New for Chevy Suburban Chevrolet C1500 Truck Camaro Blazer
6201 MSD Ignition Box New for Chevy Suburban Chevrolet C1500 Truck Camaro Blazer. MSD 6A SERIES IGNITION CONTROL -- Fits 4, 6, and 8 cylinder Vehicles ; Capacitive discharge ignition box output, analog circuitry, 460-480 volts CD voltage output to coil, 1 amp per 1,000 rpm current draw, 115 Millijoules spark output, 12 volts minimum operating voltage, 18 volts maximum operating voltage, 8.000 in. Brand New in the Box - Fit and Quality Guaranteed! Rev Limiter; 135 MJ Per Spark; 535 Primary Voltage; 45K Secondary Voltage; Spark Duration - 20 Degrees Crankshaft Rotation; RPM Range - 12,500 RPM with 14.4 Volts. 7 Amp per 1K RPM. Compatible with the following vehicles. 85 Century (submodel: Custom, Estate Wagon). 64,70,76-81 LeSabre Base. 70,75,77-78,82-84 LeSabre Custom. 82 LeSabre Limited Edition F/E. 78 Riviera LXXV Anniversary Edition. 83 Riviera XX Anniversary Edition. 82-86 Skyhawk (submodel: Custom, Limited).

61-72,75-76,80,84-85 Skylark. 77-78,81-82,91 Skylark Base.

78,83,88-91,95 Skylark Custom. 81-83,88-89,95 Skylark Limited. 90-91 Skylark (submodel: Gran Sport, Luxury Edition). 86 Somerset (submodel: Custom, Limited, T-Type).

85 Somerset Regal (submodel: Base, Limited). 75-84,86-89,91-93,96 Commercial Chassis. 79-85 DeVille (submodel: Cabriolet, d'Elegance). 79-85 Eldorado (submodel: Biarritz, Cabriolet).

81 Eldorado Brougham d'Elegance. 79-85 Fleetwood (submodel: Brougham, Brougham d'Elegance).

65-78,86-89,91-93,96 Fleetwood. 79-80,82,85 Fleetwood Base. 85 Fleetwood (submodel: 75, 75 Formal, d'Elegance). 61-62,64,66-70,73-74 Bel Air.

63,65,71-72,75 Bel Air Base. 63,65,70-72 Biscayne Base. 76-80 C10 (submodel: Cheyenne, Custom Deluxe). 76-80,82,84-86 C10 Scottsdale.

76-77,79-80,82-86 C10 Silverado. 76,78-80 C10 Suburban Custom Deluxe. 76,78-80,82,84-86 C10 Suburban Scottsdale. 76,79-80,82-86 C10 Suburban Silverado.

88-98 C1500 (submodel: Cheyenne, Silverado). 95-99 C1500 Suburban (submodel: Base, LS). 76-80 C20 (submodel: Cheyenne, Custom Deluxe).

76-80,82,84-86 C20 Scottsdale. 76-77,79-80,82-86 C20 Silverado. 76-80 C20 Suburban Custom Deluxe. 76-80,82,84-86 C20 Suburban Scottsdale. 76-77,79-80,82-86 C20 Suburban Silverado.

88-98 C2500 (submodel: Cheyenne, Silverado). 76-80 C30 (submodel: Cheyenne, Custom Deluxe). 76-80,82,84-86 C30 Scottsdale. 76-77,79-80,82-86 C30 Silverado. 88-98 C3500 (submodel: Cheyenne, Silverado). 93 Camaro Indianapolis 500 Pace Car. 76-78 Camaro LT Rally Sport. 72,81-83,91-97 Camaro Z28. 82 Camaro Z28 Indianapolis 500 Pace Car.

92 Camaro (submodel: RS Heritage Edition, Z28 Heritage Edition). 66-70,73-74,88,94-96 Caprice.

71-72,86-87,89-90,92 Caprice Base. 75-87,89-90,93 Caprice Classic.

86-87,89-90 Caprice Classic Brougham. 76-78,81-82 Caprice Classic Estate. 87,89-90 Caprice Classic LS Brougham. 75-76,79-80 Caprice Classic Sport.

83-84 Cavalier (submodel: Base, CL, CS, Type-10). 85 Celebrity (submodel: Classic, Estate).

69-72 Chevelle (submodel: Concours Estate, Greenbrier, Malibu, Nomad). 65,67,70-72 Chevelle Base. 65,67,73 Chevelle Deluxe. 64-66 Chevy II Nova SS. 80 Citation (submodel: Club, Custom).

80,82-83 Citation (submodel: Base, X-11). 84 Citation II (submodel: Base, X-11). 95 Corvette Indianapolis 500 Pace Car.

96 Corvette (submodel: Collector's Edition, Grand Sport). 93 Corvette 40th Anniversary Edition. 77-78,81-84 El Camino Conquista.

79-81 El Camino Royal Knight. 75-76,80-84 El Camino SS. 99-2002 Express 3500 (submodel: Base, LS). 76-80,87-95 G10 (submodel: Beauville, Chevy Van, Sportvan).

64-65,69-74 G10 Van Base. 76-80,83-95 G20 (submodel: Beauville, Chevy Van, Sportvan).

76-79,83-96 G30 (submodel: Beauville, Chevy Van, Hi-Cube). 70,72-74 G30 Van Base. 61-62,64,66-70,73-74,94-96 Impala. 63,65,71-72,75,77-85 Impala Base. 76-80,82,84-86 K10 Scottsdale.

76-77,79-80,82-83,85-86 K10 Silverado. 76-80 K10 (submodel: Cheyenne, Custom Deluxe). 76,78-80 K10 Suburban Custom Deluxe. 76,78-80,82,84-86 K10 Suburban Scottsdale.

76,79-80,82-83,85-86 K10 Suburban Silverado. 88-98 K1500 (submodel: Cheyenne, Silverado). 95-99 K1500 Suburban (submodel: Base, LS).

76-80 K20 (submodel: Cheyenne, Custom Deluxe). 76-80,82,84-86 K20 Scottsdale.

76-77,79-80,82-83,85-86 K20 Silverado. 68-69,75,81 K20 Suburban. 76-80 K20 Suburban Custom Deluxe. 76-80,82,84-86 K20 Suburban Scottsdale. 76-77,79-80,82-83,85-86 K20 Suburban Silverado.

88-98 K2500 (submodel: Cheyenne, Silverado). 88-98 K3500 (submodel: Cheyenne, Silverado). 77-80 K5 Blazer Custom Deluxe.

80,82-86 K5 Blazer Silverado. 81-82 LUV (submodel: Base, Mikado, Sport). 77,79-80 Malibu (submodel: Classic Sport, Sport). 75,79-80 Malibu Classic Estate. 70-72,79,81-87 Monte Carlo Base.

76,78-81 Monte Carlo Landau. 78,80 Monte Carlo Sport.

76 Monza (submodel: Towne Coupe, Towne Coupe Cabriolet, Towne Coupe Sport, Towne Coupe Spyder). 76,78-80 Monza (submodel: 2+2 Spyder, Base). 73,75,78-79 Nova Custom.

87 R10 (submodel: Custom Deluxe, Scottsdale, Silverado). 87-88 R10 Suburban (submodel: Scottsdale, Silverado). 87 R10 Suburban Custom Deluxe. 89-91 R1500 Suburban (submodel: Scottsdale, Silverado). 87-88 R20 (submodel: Scottsdale, Silverado). 87-88 R20 Suburban (submodel: Scottsdale, Silverado).

87 R20 Suburban Custom Deluxe. 89 R2500 (submodel: Cheyenne, Scottsdale, Silverado). 89-91 R2500 Suburban (submodel: Scottsdale, Silverado). 87-88 R30 (submodel: Scottsdale, Silverado).

89-91 R3500 (submodel: Cheyenne, Silverado). 94-2002 S10 (submodel: LS, ZR2). 84,86-90 S10 Blazer (submodel: Base, Sport). 83,85,91-94 S10 Blazer. 87-89 S10 Blazer High Country.

84,86-88,90 S10 Blazer Tahoe. 99-2005 Silverado 1500 (submodel: Base, LS, LT). 95-99 Tahoe (submodel: Base, LS, LT). 87 V10 (submodel: Custom Deluxe, Scottsdale, Silverado). 87-88 V10 Suburban (submodel: Scottsdale, Silverado).

87 V10 Suburban Custom Deluxe. 89-91 V1500 Suburban (submodel: Scottsdale, Silverado). 87 V20 (submodel: Custom Deluxe, Scottsdale, Silverado). 87-88 V20 Suburban (submodel: Scottsdale, Silverado). 87 V20 Suburban Custom Deluxe. 89-91 V2500 Suburban (submodel: Scottsdale, Silverado). 87-88 V30 (submodel: Scottsdale, Silverado). 89-91 V3500 (submodel: Cheyenne, Silverado). 75 Vega (submodel: Estate Wagon, LX, Panel Express). 76 Vega (submodel: Estate, GT, Sport). 80 Cordoba (submodel: 300, Crown, LS). 2000 Grand Voyager (submodel: Base, SE). 84 Laser (submodel: Base, XE). 78-80,82,86-90,93 LeBaron Base. 89-90 LeBaron (submodel: GT, High Line). 93 LeBaron (submodel: Landau, LE, LX).

60-66,79,89 New Yorker. 80,82-83,86-88 New Yorker Base. 60-69,80 Town & Country. 70-72,75-76,78-79,82,86-88 Town & Country Base. 86 Town & Country Mark Cross.

82 400 (submodel: Base, LS). 81-82 Aries (submodel: Base, Custom, SE).

71 B100 Van (submodel: Base, Sportsman). 71 B200 Van (submodel: Base, Sportsman). 71 B300 Van (submodel: Base, Sportsman).

84-87,90-95,98-99 Caravan LE. 84-87,90-98,2000 Caravan SE. 67,69,75,83 Charger. 68,72-74,76,84 Charger Base. 72-74,76-78 Charger Special Edition.

84-86 Charger (submodel: 2.2, Shelby). 89-90 Colt (submodel: 100 DL, 100 E, 100 LX, 200 DL, 200 E, GT). 65-66,70 Coronet (submodel: 440, 500).

70 Coronet (submodel: R/T, Super Bee). 88-90 Dakota (submodel: LE, SE). 70-72 Dart (submodel: Base, Custom, Swinger).

71-72 Dart (submodel: Demon, Special). 89-90 Daytona (submodel: ES Turbo, Shelby). 93 Daytona (submodel: Iroc, Iroc R/T). 78-80 Diplomat (submodel: Base, Medallion). 92-93 Grand Caravan (submodel: Base, ES).

61 Lancer (submodel: 770, Base). 84-87 Mini Ram (submodel: Base, Royal).

75 Monaco (submodel: Royal, Royal Brougham). 65-69,71-74,76,90-92 Monaco. 70,75,77-78 Monaco Base. 83 Power Ram 50 (submodel: Custom, Sport).

97-2001,2003 Ram 1500 Laramie. 83 Ram 50 (submodel: Custom, Royal, Sport).

74,79-81,89-91 Ramcharger Base. 81,89-91 Ramcharger Royal SE. 77 Royal Monaco (submodel: Base, Brougham). 93 Shadow (submodel: Base, ES, High Line). 93 Spirit (submodel: ES, High Line).

90-94 Aerostar (submodel: XL, XL Plus). 90-95 Aerostar (submodel: Base, XLT, XLT Plus).

82-83 Bronco (submodel: XLS, XLT Lariat). 60-61,68-70,73-74,87-91 Country Squire.

62-67,71-72 Country Squire Base. 75-79,85,94-95 E-150 Econoline. 84,86,92-93,96 E-150 Econoline Base.

84,86-93,96 E-150 Econoline XL. 75-79,85,94-95 E-150 Econoline Club Wagon. 84,86 E-150 Econoline Club Wagon Base. 92-93,96 E-150 Econoline Club Wagon Chateau.

87-93,96 E-150 Econoline Club Wagon Custom. 84,86-91 E-150 Econoline Club Wagon XL. 84,86-93,96 E-150 Econoline Club Wagon XLT.

75-79,85,92-95 E-250 Econoline. 80,84,86,96 E-250 Econoline Base.

80,87-91 E-250 Econoline Custom. 84,86-91,96 E-250 Econoline XL. 75-79 E-250 Econoline Club Wagon. 80-82,84-86 E-250 Econoline Club Wagon Base. 80-82 E-250 Econoline Club Wagon Chateau. 80-82,87-91 E-250 Econoline Club Wagon Custom. 84-91 E-250 Econoline Club Wagon (submodel: XL, XLT).

80-82,84-86,92-96 E-350 Econoline Base. 80-83,87-91 E-350 Econoline Custom. 77-79 E-350 Econoline Club Wagon. 80-82,84-86 E-350 Econoline Club Wagon Base. 80-82,92-96 E-350 Econoline Club Wagon Chateau.

80-83,87-96 E-350 Econoline Club Wagon Custom. 92-93 E-350 Econoline Club Wagon Custom HD. 83-91 E-350 Econoline Club Wagon XL.

94-96 E-350 Econoline Club Wagon XL HD. 84-89,91-96 E-350 Econoline Club Wagon XLT. 92-96 E-350 Econoline Club Wagon (submodel: Chateau HD, XLT HD). 96 Econoline Super Duty Custom. 84-85 Escort (submodel: Base, GT Turbo).

97 F Super Duty Base. 96-97 F Super Duty XL.

76,81 F-100 (submodel: Ranger, Ranger XLT). 60,76,83 F-100 Base. 82-83 F-100 (submodel: XL, XLS, XLT Lariat).

76 F-150 (submodel: Northland, Ranger, Ranger XLT). 75,77-79,85,94-95 F-150. 76,84,86 F-150 Base. 84,86-93,96 F-150 XL.

84,93,96 F-150 XLT. 96 F-150 (submodel: Eddie Bauer, Special). 76,80-81 F-250 (submodel: Ranger, Ranger XLT). 60,76,84-86 F-250 Base.

76,80-82,87-92 F-250 Custom. 82,85-92 F-250 XLT Lariat. 95-96 F-250 (submodel: Eddie Bauer, Special).

76,80-81 F-350 (submodel: Ranger, Ranger XLT). 60,65,76,84-86,97 F-350 Base.

76,80-82,87-92 F-350 Custom. 82,85-92 F-350 XLT Lariat. 80-82 Fairmont (submodel: Base, Futura).

69-70 Falcon (submodel: Base, Futura). 91-92 Festiva (submodel: GL, L, LX). 80 Granada (submodel: Base, ESS, Ghia). 81-82 Granada (submodel: GL, GLX, L).

80-85 LTD (submodel: Country Squire, Crown Victoria). 70-71 Mustang (submodel: Grande, Mach 1).

82 Mustang (submodel: GL, GLX, L). 64-67,72-73,79,83-85 Mustang. 93,95 Mustang SVT Cobra R. 60,62-68,70-74 Ranch Wagon. 61,69 Ranch Wagon Base. 70-73 Ranchero (submodel: 500, GT, Squire). 89-95 Taurus (submodel: GL, LX, SHO).

84 Tempo (submodel: Base, GLX). 84,92-94 Tempo (submodel: GL, LX). 92 Tempo (submodel: GLS, Sport).

88 Thunderbird (submodel: Base, LX, Sport). 71 Torino (submodel: 500, Cobra). 61-62,64-65 1000 Series Base. 61-62,64-65 1500 Series Base. 76-78 C15 (submodel: Base, High Sierra, Sierra Classic, Sierra Grande).

75-78 C15 Suburban (submodel: Base, High Sierra, Sierra Classic, Sierra Grande). 79-82 C1500 (submodel: Sierra Grande, Street Coupe). 79-86 C1500 (submodel: Base, High Sierra, Sierra Classic). 88-93 C1500 (submodel: Sierra, Sierra SLX). 94-99 C1500 (submodel: Sierra SL, Sierra SLT).

79-80,83-86,95-99 C1500 Suburban Base. 79-80 C1500 Suburban Sierra Grande. 79-80,83-86 C1500 Suburban (submodel: High Sierra, Sierra Classic).

95-99 C1500 Suburban (submodel: SLE, SLT). 76-78 C25 (submodel: Base, High Sierra, Sierra Classic, Sierra Grande). 76-78 C25 Suburban (submodel: Base, High Sierra, Sierra Classic, Sierra Grande). 69-72,74 C25/C2500 Suburban Base. 79-86 C2500 (submodel: Base, High Sierra, Sierra Classic).

88-93 C2500 (submodel: Sierra, Sierra SLX). 94-2000 C2500 (submodel: Sierra SL, Sierra SLT). 79-86,94-99 C2500 Suburban Base. 79-82 C2500 Suburban Sierra Grande. 79-86 C2500 Suburban (submodel: High Sierra, Sierra Classic). 76-78 C35 (submodel: Base, High Sierra, Sierra Classic, Sierra Grande). 79-86 C3500 (submodel: Base, High Sierra, Sierra Classic). 88-93 C3500 (submodel: Sierra, Sierra SLX). 94-2000 C3500 (submodel: Sierra SL, Sierra SLT). 79-84 Caballero (submodel: Base, Diablo). 81 Caballero (submodel: Conquista, Royal Knight). 64,66 G1000 Series Base.

77-78 G15 (submodel: Rally, Rally STX, Vandura). 79-82 G1500 (submodel: Rally, Rally STX, Vandura). 76-78 G25 (submodel: Rally, Rally STX, Vandura). 79-95 G2500 (submodel: Rally, Rally STX, Vandura). 76-78 G35 (submodel: Magnavan, Rally, Rally Camper Special, Rally STX, Vandura, Vandura Special).

79,82-96 G3500 (submodel: Vandura, Vandura Special). 83-96 G3500 (submodel: Magnavan, Rally, Rally Camper Special, Rally STX). 75-85,87-90 Jimmy Sierra Classic. 76-78 K15 (submodel: Base, High Sierra, Sierra Classic, Sierra Grande). 75-78 K15 Suburban (submodel: Base, High Sierra, Sierra Classic, Sierra Grande). 79-86 K1500 (submodel: Base, High Sierra, Sierra Classic). 88-93 K1500 (submodel: Sierra, Sierra SLX).

94-99 K1500 (submodel: Sierra SL, Sierra SLT). 79-80,83-86 K1500 Suburban (submodel: High Sierra, Sierra Classic). 79-80,83-86,95-99 K1500 Suburban Base.

79-80 K1500 Suburban Sierra Grande. 95-99 K1500 Suburban (submodel: SLE, SLT). 76-78 K25 (submodel: Base, High Sierra, Sierra Classic, Sierra Grande).

76-78 K25 Suburban (submodel: Base, High Sierra, Sierra Classic, Sierra Grande). 69-72,74 K25/K2500 Suburban Base. 79-86 K2500 (submodel: Base, High Sierra, Sierra Classic).

88-93 K2500 (submodel: Sierra, Sierra SLX). 94-2000 K2500 (submodel: Sierra SL, Sierra SLT).

79-86 K2500 Suburban (submodel: High Sierra, Sierra Classic). 79-86,94-99 K2500 Suburban Base. 79-82 K2500 Suburban Sierra Grande.

81-86 K3500 (submodel: Base, High Sierra, Sierra Classic). 88-93 K3500 (submodel: Sierra, Sierra SLX). 94-2000 K3500 (submodel: Sierra SL, Sierra SLT). 87 R1500 (submodel: Base, High Sierra, Sierra Classic). 87 R1500 Suburban High Sierra.

87-89 R1500 Suburban Sierra Classic. 87-89 R2500 (submodel: Base, High Sierra, Sierra Classic). 87 R2500 Suburban High Sierra. 87-89 R2500 Suburban Sierra Classic. 87-89 R3500 (submodel: High Sierra, Sierra Classic). 84-90 S15 (submodel: Base, High Sierra, Sierra Classic). 86-89 S15 Jimmy (submodel: Base, Gypsy, Sierra Classic). 2006 Savana 1500 (submodel: LS, LT). 99-2003,2006 Sierra 1500 SL. 99-2004 Sierra 1500 (submodel: SLE, SLT). 94-2002 Sonoma (submodel: SL, SLS). 75 Sprint (submodel: Base, Classic, High Sierra, SP). 87 V1500 (submodel: Base, High Sierra, Sierra Classic). 87 V1500 Suburban High Sierra. 87-89 V1500 Suburban Sierra Classic. 87 V2500 (submodel: Base, High Sierra, Sierra Classic).

87 V2500 Suburban High Sierra. 87-89 V2500 Suburban Sierra Classic.

61-62 V3000 Forward Control Base. 87-89 V3500 (submodel: High Sierra, Sierra Classic). 74-83,88,92-93,99 Cherokee.

87 Cherokee (submodel: Base, Chief, Laredo, Pioneer). 79-81 CJ5 (submodel: Base, Renegade). 79-81 CJ7 (submodel: Base, Renegade). 87 Comanche (submodel: Base, Chief, Laredo, Pioneer).

98 Grand Cherokee (submodel: 5.9 Limited, Laredo, Limited, TSi). 85 Scrambler (submodel: Laredo, Renegade). 97-99 Wrangler (TJ) (submodel: Sahara, Sport). 94-95 Wrangler (YJ) (submodel: Sahara, SE). 84-85 Continental (submodel: Base, Givenchy, Valentino). 84-85 Mark VII (submodel: Base, Bill Blass, LSC, Versace). 82 Capri (submodel: Black Magic, L, RS). 66-67,71-74,76-77,79,83-85,91-94 Capri. 67,72-74,76-81,83-87 Cougar. 68-71,82,84-86 Cougar Base.

68-71,75,82,84-88 Cougar XR-7. 80-81,83-86 Grand Marquis (submodel: Base, Colony Park). 75-79,82,90-91 Grand Marquis. 84 Lynx (submodel: LS, LTS, RS).

84-85 Lynx (submodel: Base, GL, GS). 85 Lynx (submodel: L, XR3). 69-70,80-82 Marquis (submodel: Base, Brougham). 68-74 Montego (submodel: Base, MX). 70-74 Montego (submodel: MX Brougham, Villager). 84-87 Topaz (submodel: Base, GS, LS). 87 Topaz (submodel: GS AWD, LS AWD, Sport, Sport AWD, XR5). 85-86 Calais (submodel: Base, Supreme). 86 Calais (submodel: ES, GT). 77,80-85 Custom Cruiser Base.

67 Cutlass (submodel: Holiday, Turnpike Cruiser). 80-81 Cutlass (submodel: Brougham, LS). 67,75,80 Cutlass Base. 77,79 Cutlass Vista Cruiser. 79 Cutlass Vista Cruiser Brougham.

82-86 Cutlass Ciera (submodel: Brougham, LS). 85-86 Cutlass Ciera (submodel: GT, Holiday). 84-85 Cutlass Ciera Cruiser LS. 83,85-86 Cutlass Ciera ES. 75-80,85-87 Cutlass Salon Base. 75 Cutlass Supreme (submodel: Cruiser, Hurst). 71,75-81,83-87 Cutlass Supreme Base. 77-81,83-87 Cutlass Supreme Brougham. 81,85 Cutlass Supreme LS. 80-85 Delta 88 Royale Brougham. 84-85 Delta 88 Royale Brougham LS.

82-84,87 Firenza (submodel: LX, S). 83-85 Firenza (submodel: Cruiser LX, Cruiser SX). 84-85 Firenza (submodel: Brougham LX, Brougham SX, ES, GT). 77,79-80 Starfire (submodel: Base, Firenza, GT, SX). 89 Acclaim (submodel: Base, LE, LX).

79-80 Arrow (submodel: GS, GT). 64,70-72,74 Barracuda Base. 85-88 Caravelle (submodel: Base, SE). 85-88 Colt (submodel: E, Premier). 92 Colt (submodel: 4x4, Vista SE).

70-72 Duster (submodel: 340, Base). 70 Fury (submodel: GT, S-23). 70-74 Fury (submodel: Custom Suburban, Sport Suburban, Suburban). 60-61,63-64,67-69,76 Fury.

62,65-66,75,77-78 Fury Base. 70,72 Fury Gran Coupe. 62,65-66,70-71,75,77-78 Fury Sport. 65-67,70-74 Fury III Base.

75,77 Gran Fury (submodel: Brougham, Sport). 75,77,80 Gran Fury Base.

92-93,95-2000 Grand Voyager SE. 90 Laser (submodel: Base, RS). 69,71-75 Road Runner Base. 71,74 Satellite (submodel: Base, Custom, Regent, Sebring, Sebring Plus).

61 Savoy (submodel: Base, Deluxe). 92 Sundance (submodel: America, Duster, High Line, RS).

75 Valiant (submodel: Custom, Scamp). 77 Volare (submodel: Custom, Premier). 82-85 6000 (submodel: Base, LE). 75 Astre (submodel: GT, GT Safari, S, S Safari, SJ, SJ Safari). 71-73,75-79,81 Catalina Safari. 88 Fiero (submodel: Sport, Value Leader).

75-79,81-83,89 Firebird Base. 75-79,81,89,96-97 Firebird Formula. 62-66,68-74,78,85-87 Grand Prix.

67,76-77,79-84 Grand Prix Base. 75,77,79-83 Grand Prix LJ. 75,79 Grand Prix SJ. 82-83 J2000 (submodel: Base, LE, SE).

84 J2000 Sunbird (submodel: Base, LE). 83-86 Parisienne (submodel: Base, Brougham). 84 Phoenix (submodel: LE, SE).

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  1. Brand: MSD
  2. Fitment Type: Performance/Custom
  3. Interchange Part Number: 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994 1993 1992 1991 1990
  4. Manufacturer Part Number: 6201
  5. Notes: Rev Limiter; 135 MJ Per Spark; 535 Primary Voltage; 45K Secondary
  6. Part Name: Ignition Box
  7. Superseded Part Number: 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994 1993 1992 1991 1990
  8. UPC: 085132062010
  9. Warranty: 1 Year

6201 MSD Ignition Box New for Chevy Suburban Chevrolet C1500 Truck Camaro Blazer    6201 MSD Ignition Box New for Chevy Suburban Chevrolet C1500 Truck Camaro Blazer